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  • The Face Masks vanity rewards are now tied to Global Event Commendations instead of the Leaderboards. Global Event Leaderboards now reward a number of Classified Caches, the amount depending on an agent’s placement on the Global Event Leaderboards once the event ends.
  • Fixed an issue where agents would be prompted with an incorrect reward notification.
  • The first column in both Dark Zone Leaderboards and Global Event Leaderboards will now display Rank even though the text says Position.
  • Fixed a RPM related exploit.
  • Fixed an issue where agents could experience weapons jamming with low-RPM weapons, such as shotguns and marksman rifles.
  • Fixed an issue where an agent could get desynchronized if the agent cancelled the animation of entering cover with a combat roll.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur after an agent jumped off a high structure.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur during corner swaps.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which would occur when climbing off a prop and then quickly going into cover.
  • Fixed another desynchronization issue which could occur if the agent would perform a combat roll before finishing a cover to cover move.
  • Made several improvements in order to prevent various desynchronization issues.
  • Updated the description of the Striker’s set 4p bonus to now state that the bonus will be lost when exiting combat.
Missed out on the first Destiny, and curious if Destiny 2 will be right for you? The folks over at Polygon have put together a beginner's guide which will walk you through what to expect from Bungie's upcoming shooter.

Agents! Take a look at the exclusive reveal of the free 1.8 Update - Resistance, coming this fall! This update will introduce West Side Pier, a completely new area of the map, as well as new PVP and PVE content! Tune in to tomorrow at 8AM PDT for a first look at Update 1.8 – Resistance.

DESTINY 2 PC beta release date is here, as the Bungie shooter makes its long-awaited debut on PC with a selection of maps, game modes and more. Here's what time it starts, how you can join in and more.

Destiny 2 fans are counting down to the release of the PC beta, which starts later today.

Ahead of the game's October release date, the Bungie shooter makes its long-awaited PC debut as part of the closed beta.

The Destiny 2 PC beta has an August 28 start date and a 6pm UK start time for pre-order customers. That's 10am PDT if you live in the US.

The open beta - which can be played even without a pre-order - starts a day later on August 29, so there's not long to wait.

The shortened PC beta period ends just a few days later on August 31, although it's possible Bungie will extend the beta like it did with PS4 and Xbox One.

If you don't want to miss a second of the action, then it's worth pre-loading the PC beta right now.

To pre-load the PC beta, fans must sign up for a compulsory account from the Destiny website.

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